Workshop 2016

Hello all!

My name is Sorin Mitrea, I am the project manager for the Austerity and its Alternatives SSHRC Partnership Development Grant and I look very forward to welcoming you all to Hamilton for the first major workshop of this grant.

This post will remain at the top of the blog for the duration of the event (December 14-15, 2016) and is meant to compile all relevant information about the workshop.

For the most detailed information on the workshop, transportation, accommodation, reimbursement, and dining, please see the welcome package. At the end of that package is a map which highlights relevant locations for the duration of the workshop. Alternatively, you can reference this digital version (which has a few more features!).

Transportation: For those of you flying into Toronto, the best way to get to Hamilton is to take the GO Transit Bus, Route 40, toward Hamilton. Check the attached welcome package for details, including cost, where to get it, where to get tickets, and how to get back to the airport at the end of the workshop. For international presenters, I suggest you travel with some Canadian dollars ($10 or $20 bills may work best), as the buses will also take this and you won’t have to worry about getting tickets. You will get off at the Hamilton Go Centre, which should be the last stop on the line.

Accommodation: Once you arrive in Hamilton, make your way to the Sheraton Hotel (116 King St. W.). Walking instructions are included in the welcome package, but you can also consult the Map of downtown attached to the end of the Package or plot directions on the workshop map saved in Google Maps. When you arrive at the hotel, mention your name, present photo ID for confirmation, and provide a credit card (you will not be charged unless you partake in incidentals – we have everything else covered!) to be given a room reserved for the workshop.

On the first day of the workshop (December 14th), we will have someone waiting in the hotel lobby to greet you and guide you to the workshop venue at 8:20 AM. The workshop venue is attached to the same complex the hotel is, so you can get from one to the other without having to go outside. If you missed us, you can ask the hotel lobby how to get to the ‘McMaster Centre for Continuing Education‘.

Venue: McMaster Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), room 212 at 1 James St. N., Hamilton, Ontario.

Dinner: The Wild Orchid, 286 James St. N., Hamilton, Ontario at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016.

Things to Remember:

  • Temporary internet access and physical programs will be provided at the venue. Breakfast will be served at 8:30 AM (both days).
  • If you have a PowerPoint Presentation, please bring it on a USB as we will have a computer connected to the venue’s audio-video system.
  • Reimbursement instructions are detailed in the welcome package, and we will provide forms at the workshop venue. **Please keep all receipts and boarding passes (whether physical or digital!)**
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email ( or phone (416-558-7872).

Program: please find the full program at this link. Below is a list of the panels with links to the full papers and other content by each individual.

Day 1 – Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

  • Stephen McBride (McMaster University): Introduction to the PDG (PowerPoint)

10:15-12:00 PM: Session 1 UPDATING AUSTERITY



Day 2 – Thursday, December 15th, 2016

9:00-10:30 AM: Session 4 INDEXING AUSTERITY

  • David Macdonald (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – CCPA)
  • Alex Cobham (Tax Justice Network – TJN)
  • Brendan O’Rourke (Dublin Institute of Technology; PowerPoint)
  • John Hogan (Dublin Institute of Technology; PowerPoint)
  • John Peters (Laurentian University)
  • Katherine Scott (Canadian Council for Social Development; PowerPoint)

10:45-12:30 PM: Session 5 KNOWLEDGE MOBILIZATION 1


  • Alex Cobham (Tax Justice Network – TJN; PowerPoint)
  • David Macdonald (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – CCPA)
  • James Wickham (Think Tank for Action of Social Change – TASC)