About Us

Austerity, defined as fiscal consolidation, public sector structural reforms, and flexibilization of labour markets, has triggered social protest, electoral defeats, major international tensions, significant academic controversy, and is blamed for various social ills. Yet it remains the default policy response to the economic crisis for most states and international organizations.

Our goal is to probe simultaneously understandings of austerity in the Canadian context and to engage with and explore international understandings in order to stimulate greater reciprocal debate that can contribute to evidence-based policy-making.

Ultimately we hope to create a forum where both government and non-state policy actors can exchange views and options and, as a result, enhance the level of policy deliberation.

The individuals listed below are all the people involved with this project. The email addresses listed should be the quickest way to reach them. If you encounter any issues please contact either our Project Manager, Sorin Mitrea (mitreasi@gmail.com) or our Knowledge Mobilization Officer, Nour Afara (afaranm@gmail.com).

Steering Committee

Stephen McBride – mcbride@mcmaster.ca (McMaster University)

David Macdonald – david@policyalternatives.ca (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)

Bryan Evans – b1evans@politics.ryerson.ca (Ryerson University)

Laura Macdonald – Laura_Macdonald@carleton.ca (Carleton University)



Richard Woodward – ac0956@coventry.ac.uk (Coventry University)

Brendan K O’Rourke – brendankorourke@gmail.com (Dublin Institute of Technology)

Dieter Plehwe – dieter.plehwe@wzb.eu (Social Science Research Centre Berlin)

Simon D Lee – S.D.Lee@hull.ac.uk (University of Hull)

Heather Whiteside – h2whiteside@uwaterloo.ca (University of Waterloo)



Alex Cobham – alexcobham@gmail.com (Tax Justice System)

John Hogan – John.Hogan@dit.ie (Dublin Institute of Technology)

John Shields – jshields@politics.ryerson.ca (Ryerson University)

James Wickham – jwickham@tcd.ie (Think Tank for Action & Social Change)

Jim Stanford – stanforj@mcmaster.ca (Unifor)

Donna Baines – bainesd@mcmaster.ca (University of Sydney)

Ellen Russell – russell.ellen@gmail.com (Wilfrid Laurier University)



Dennis Howlett – office@taxfairness.ca (Canadians for Tax Fairness)

Katherine Scott – kscott5@sympatico.ca (Canadian Council for Social Development)

Teresa Healy – teresa.healy@sit.edu (SIT Graduate Institute)